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Customer focused Technology, were old fashioned values meets hi-tech modernism:

Hull Cars popularity and success has been founded on short passenger waiting times and a reliable, professional service. We're famous for being the first firm in the city to offer a FREE texting service to all our customers with comprehensive updates about their soon to arrive vehicle, keeping us at the forefront of transportation technology. Hull cars are also the first to offer a metered service for Private Hire vehicles. But our foresight in terms of customer service and technological advancement does not end there.


Here are just a few of the ways we use technology to benefit the 1/2 million passengers we carry around our region every year.

Auto Allocator
Technology is at the foundation of our business model, allowing us to manage customer journeys from the point of booking right through to drop-off, using our auto allocator system. Saving CO2 emissions and ensuring your vehicle arrives in the shortest possible time frame.

SMS Text
We send each of our passengers an SMS text message informing them when your car is on its way and again when it's waiting outside. We include the driver's mobile number the vehicle registration, and all the vehicle details (colour, make and model) so you can identify your car safely and contact the driver directly should you need to.

The new generation of smartphones puts our fleet of premium taxis at your finger tips with our range of free  mobile booking apps. Just as quick as booking via the call centre, we expect to make hundreds of bookings using the Hull Cars Apps each and every week. Whether you are an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Nokia user, Hull Cars offer a custom-designed booking app to let you book on account, cash or via credit card (currently for iPhones only)

Hull Cars continuously re-invests profits into technology to improve efficiency, cut emissions and enhance the customer experience. Our diverse team range from the highly experienced industry experts, entrepreneurs, degree qualified management professionals and also youthful team members. This eclectic mix of proficient individual’s allows us to maintain age old values of professionalism, bring new ideas and perspective into the work place, academic thought throughout the process and the courage and enthusiasm to try something new in the ever changing world of modern business, keeping us one step ahead.


Text Or Call Back
No longer do you have to wait in the wind and rain for your car.
When you call Hull Cars from a land line, you will automatically be given the option of a FREE ring back. Your phone will receive two rings to let you know that your car is about to arrive.
If you call from a mobile phone, you will receive two FREE text messages containing details of the make, model, colour and registration number of the car, and the drivers direct contact number, the second message tells you your car is about to arrive.

Our Corporate Clients

  • Reckitt & Benckiser Corporate Taxi Company Hull
  • Smith & Nephew Hull Corporate Taxi Company
  • Ideal Standard Corporate Taxi Hull
  • Arco Corporate Account
  • Bbc Taxi Hull
  • Siemens Corporate Taxi
  • Itv Taxi Hull
  • Ideal Boiler Taxi
  • Hull City Council Taxi
  • East Riding Council Taxi
  • Dong Energy Taxi
  • Boots Taxi Hull
  • Aak Hull
  • Life For Kid Hull
  • Saga

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