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Hull Cars - Looking after Students


We know that being in a new city may make you concerned about travelling on your own.


With Hull Cars you can be assured that this taxi company understands and cares about your safety:

  • All of our drivers have been fully checked including criminal record checks.
  • All of our drivers carry ID.
  • Our text messages contain details of the make, model and registration of your car, so you know you are getting into a safe space and don’t have to wait around on the street for your car.


Are you a student at Hull University? Do you have a Hull University Students Union Card?

Payment free travel home for HUU Student Union Card Holders:

Many of us at Hull Cars were students once, and we understand that times can be hard; we also recognise that spending your money on a couple more drinks, or a new item of clothing may sometimes take priority over saving the money for a taxi home, and with a jaunty air of throwing caution to the wind, our travel money is spent!

With Hull Cars as your chosen travel provider, you can do just that without any reservations. Simply call our office when you want picking up, and let us know that you are a University Student and you do not have any money to pay the driver. We will still send you the free texts, and arrive when requested, and transport you to your destination. All we ask is that you pass your student union card to our driver and take a receipt; we will then return your card to the Student Union where it can be collected in return for the taxi fare! Simple. Your safety is our priority.


Our Corporate Clients

  • Reckitt & Benckiser Corporate Taxi Company Hull
  • Smith & Nephew Hull Corporate Taxi Company
  • Ideal Standard Corporate Taxi Hull
  • Arco Corporate Account
  • Bbc Taxi Hull
  • Siemens Corporate Taxi
  • Itv Taxi Hull
  • Ideal Boiler Taxi
  • Hull City Council Taxi
  • East Riding Council Taxi
  • Dong Energy Taxi
  • Boots Taxi Hull
  • Aak Hull
  • Life For Kid Hull
  • Saga

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