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It is fair to say Hull Cars was born quite simply out of frustration with current providers in our region, and consequently we saw a gleaming opportunity to fill a niche in the marketplace for a taxi company to resolutely uphold their foundational business objectives and focus upon clear-cut reliability, professionalism, unwavering honesty, passenger safety, and unquestionable etiquette in a modern day environment.  Thus, with some hard work we vowed to completely alter the widespread preconceptions of a ‘taxi office’. Our aim was to create a refreshing and safe experience for our customers, and then in their gratification our customers will create more customers.

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The plan was simple, we wrote a list of everything that irritated us within the taxi industry, and looked for ways to remove these annoyances. Safety of our passengers was paramount, and safeguarding their wellbeing in any means possible was our first assignment. We investigated the best and most innovative systems on the marketplace with safety as their primary objective, adopted a human resources programme to acquire the best drivers and staff in our region and vowed to achieve professional accreditation in every relevant area. Finally we focused upon complete honesty in our dealings, we will not lie to a calling customer, if your taxi is going to take ten (10) minutes to arrive, it will be just that,  ten (10) minutes, this simple implementation offers a refreshing change to the industry, and additionally builds solid trust with our loyal customers.  Our sincerity also extends  to our calibrated meters in every vehicle, we hold dear the virtue of transparency, and with our clear meters in the car, you exactly know how much the journey will cost, and can be rest assured that you are paying the fair fare. If the meter is not on and visible, you do not have to pay, that is our promise.


Pioneering a corporate uniform for our team, text back, visible meters in the cars and implementing in-house vehicle safety checks (which include breathalysing the drivers) was a simple beginning but very effective. From the point of implementation, our business has grown rapidly with our somewhat uncomplicated plan and we now stand at the forefront of our industry.


Within four years of opening our doors, Hull Cars became one of the biggest private hire firms in our region, our business model was clearly a recipe for success and we continue to look for new and exciting ways to improve service whilst holding dear the notion that although times are changing, good etiquette will never go out of fashion. We are continually elevating standards much to the delight of our growing number of passengers, and this statement will remain as true tomorrow as it is today.

Simply try Hull Cars once, and you shall never look back.

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